As a producer of electronic music from the early nineties under various aliases, Christiaan de Jong came forward around 2007 with productions and live sets as Jeng Do. He played in Off Corso, Catwalk, Whoosah, on Amsterdam Dance Event, Solar Festival, Planet Rose, Awakenings and many more techno orientated events. Works of his were released on Sound Architecture Records, Syncom Data and on his own Tuneskin Recordings. As manager of the legendary Catwalk Club and with his infamous Skindip nights in a unique underground venue, he has made his mark on the electronic music scene in a variety of ways.

Today, he runs his creative agency and music studio community from a basement that once served as a fallout shelter, consisting of multiple rooms. Here he devises and coordinates ventures under his agency such as performance platform Omuse. But above all, this is where he works in his studio as modolae on what was the beginning and will be the end of it all, the creation of deep techno-based electronica.